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Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice

Author(s): Neil Baum, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Urology, Tulane School of Medicine and Louisiana State University
John W. McDaniel, President and CEO, Peak Performance Physicians, LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • ISBN-13: 9780763750732
  • ISBN-10:0763750735
  • Paperback    234 pages      © 2009
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Most clinical practices are not prepared for a disaster, and failure to prepare for a disaster can have devastating consequences on a medical practice, the physicians, and the patients. Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice describes the types of disasters that can affect medical practices, suggests steps for disaster planning, and identifies the necessary procedures for restarting the practice after a disaster has occurred. Natural disasters are not the most common cause of practice failure - man-made disasters such as computer crashes, power outages, and loss of electronic data are more likely to impact a medical practice. This book offers suggestions on the preparation of a disaster plan that can be easily implemented into any health practice, and discusses how to overcome both natural and man-made disasters. Each chapter features true disaster case studies, questions doctors or office managers need to answer, and step-by-step recommendations for the implementation of the disaster plan, as well as dozens of templates and forms ready for immediate use. This is an essential resource for all practices large, small, rural, and academic.

Includes a user-friendly CD ROM with forms, questionnaires, and charts!

Features & Benefits

The only book that is dedicated to the healthcare professional and his\her practice

Focuses on the unique aspects of healthcare and how caring for patients is different than any other service industry

Emphasizes the importance of speed in returning the practice to pre-disaster levels in order for doctors to continue to provide seamless care for their patients even in the face of a disaster


Chapter 1: Disasters Come in Many Shapes and Sizes --The Types of Disasters that May Affect Your Practice

Chapter 2: Technological Disasters

Chapter 3: Preparing a Disaster Plan

Chapter 4: Implementing the Practice Resumption Plan

Chapter 5: Protecting and Recovering Practice Assets

Chapter 6: Creating a Back Up Plan-Protecting Your Data

Chapter 7: Before and After a Disaster: A Hospital Perspective

Chapter 8: Insurance for Ameliorating the Pain of a Disaster

Chapter 9: Finding an Alternative Site for Your Practice

Chapter 10: Disaster Planning for the Employees

Chapter 11: Conclusion



Neil Baum, MD-Clinical Associate Professor of Urology, Tulane School of Medicine and Louisiana State University

Neil Baum, MD, is a urologist in private practice and a clinical associate professor of urology at the Louisiana State University Medical School and the Tulane Medical School, both in New Orleans. He has served on the editorial boards of Postgraduate Medicine, Uro-Care, Medical Office Biller, Cost & Quality, Physician’s Payment Update, and Physician’s Marketing and Management and has been a monthly contributor to American Medical News and Health and Fitness. Dr. Baum is the author of several books – including Ecnetopmi – Impotence: It’s Reversible, Take Charge of Your Medical Practice: Practical Practice Management for the Managed Care Market, Urology Office Manual, Effective Letters for the Health Care Profession, and Impotence: It’s Curable.

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John W. McDaniel-President and CEO, Peak Performance Physicians, LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana

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