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Movement Discovery: Physical Education for Children

Author(s): Andrea Boucher, PhD, MEd
Evelyn Wiseman, MEd, MDiv
  • ISBN-13: 9780763750411
  • ISBN-10:0763750417
  • Paperback    320 pages      © 2011
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“… groundbreaking and relevant.”

Creative, challenging, and interesting physical education lessons in pre-schools and elementary schools are essential. Movement Discovery: Physical Education for Children is designed to change traditional thinking in physical education and bring a breath of fresh air to movement lessons. Written to help early childhood and elementary school teachers value simple, strenuous, and enjoyable activity, this text provides the foundation they'll need to give such experiences to young children.

This text includes:

  • background information to provide an understanding of why programs are as they are
  • information about child development and skill development to give guidance to teachers
  • material to start an on-going movement discovery program that capitalizes on the innate human urge to discover ones' physical capacities and enjoy them

Movement Discovery encourages teachers to provide challenging yet gratifying physical education lessons. If students can derive satisfaction in their increase in skill, and if these skills have a link with their future education and the world in which they live, there is a good possibility that activity will continue throughout life.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes discussion topics and assignments throughout the text to help students learn material in an active way
  • Presents the theoretical basis for individual differences and connects theory to enjoyable practice
  • Provides personal anecdotes to provoke discussion, stimulate observation, and aid the greater understanding of the teaching process
  • Contains over one hundred photographs, many of which the authors took themselves
  • Covers interdisciplinary lessons for very young children as well as the curricular areas of expressive movement and creative dance, developmental games and pre-sports games experiences, track and field, and body management/ educational gymnastics
  • Includes guidelines to help teachers ensure that their program is physically demanding enough to develop fitness

Applicable Courses

This text can be used in Teacher Education courses at the Undergraduate (pre-service) and Graduate (In-service) levels.

Courses include:

  • Physical Education methods
  • Elementary Education methods
  • Pre-school Education methods
  • Special Education methods
  • Adapted Physical Education methods
Chapter 1  Discovering Roots
Chapter 2  Discovering Differences
Chapter 3  Discovering Capacity
Chapter 4  Discovering Movement Discovery
Chapter 5  Introducing the Movement Discovery Approach
Chapter 6  Discovering Developmental Games and Pre-Sports Games
Chapter 7  Sample Developmental Games and Sports Lessons Using the Discovery Approach
Chapter 8  Discovering Creative Dance and Expressive Movement
Chapter 9  Sample Creative Dance/Expressive Movement Lessons
Chapter 10  Discovering Educational Gymnastics
Chapter 11  Sample Lessons in Educational Gymnastics
Chapter 12  Discovering Special Needs: Adaptations and Modifications
Appendix 1  Additional Historical Roots
Appendix 2  Anecdotes
Appendix 3  National Standards(USA)

Andrea Boucher, PhD, MEd

Andrea Boucher is a professor of physical education at Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland. Andrea has spent 40 years of her career in higher education in the United States. Andrea worked as a classroom teacher in both Australia and Canada. Before leaving Australia, she was a supervisor for early childhood physical education in the State of South Australia for 3 years, working with classroom general educators. In this capacity, she taught hundreds of pre-adolescent children in a variety of urban and rural settings.

Her scholarship (presentations, publications, research) focused on preschool and elementary aged children, including those with disabilities. Dr. Boucher’s presentations number over 180 and these have been given both nationally and internationally. Andrea has produced two films, one for the federal government & another for Disabled Sports USA. These films both demonstrate how children with disabilities can be integrated in Movement Discovery. Movement Toward Control was a federally funded project to produce a 30-minute film depicting children with disabilities working with able-bodied children in Physical Education. Andrea was the Project Director and Eve Wiseman worked as a Consultant and teacher in the film.

Andrea served a 4-year term on the Council of Physical Education for Children (COPEC), National Association of Sport & Physical Education (NASPE), and AAHPERD. She is the recipient of the AAHPERD/COPEC "Margie Hansen Distinguished Service Award", the Eastern District AAHPERD "Outstanding Professional Award in Physical Education" and Maryland Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance’s "Simon McNeely Award" for Higher Education in Physical Education.

Evelyn Wiseman, MEd, MDiv

            Evelyn D. Wiseman is a former Associate Professor from Western Washington University (WWU), Bellingham, Washington. While teaching at WWU, Eve obtained a US Federal Government grant (Title IX) to develop a Movement Discovery curriculum minimizing sex-role stereotyping in elementary school Physical Education (Project Active 1979.) WWU instituted a major in Elementary Physical Education in which Eve also taught.

            Eve was educated in England and gained her original training and focus on children at Homerton College, Cambridge. By teaching in "tough" schools, Eve learned early on that permanent learning only takes place when the learner is actively involved in their own learning. After several years teaching children aged 5-15. she joined the faculty of the University of Birmingham in England when it was the only university in the UK at that time offering an undergraduate degree in Physical Education. Her colleagues there were David Munrow, Peter McIntosh and Barbara Knapp, all published authors who had great influence on Physical Education both in England and internationally.  

            Emigrating to Canada in 1959, while based at the at the University of British Columbia Vancouver, Eve worked with practicing teachers and students and gave demonstration lessons with children for the school districts and Department of Education personnel.

  • “… groundbreaking and relevant.” 

    “The foundation of movement discovery is explained in rich detail in the preface, and then, like a carefully constructed building, the book develops different aspects of the theme. Illustrations, diagrams, the artwork of students, and poignant anecdotes appear throughout, and there is more than enough variety to fill every personality's needs.”
    Ted Scheck, BA, MSc, Sidener Academy for High Ability Students, Doody's Review Service, Rating: 5 Stars

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ISBN-13: 9780763750411

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