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Classroom Skills for Nurse Educators

Author(s): Carolyn Chambers Clark, ARNP, EdD, FAAN, AHN-BC
  • ISBN-13: 9780763749750
  • ISBN-10:0763749753
  • Paperback    417 pages      © 2008
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Engaging Strategies for Successful Teaching!

Classroom Skills for Nurse Educators is a practical guide to translating educational theory and concepts into the real-world classroom! This new nursing education text assists both novice and seasoned educators with creative and successful teaching strategies and skills, dynamically illustrating interactive simulations and approaches that will help involve students in active, independent learning. 

Filled with Nurse Educator Tips to help nurse educators implement learner-centered and critical thinking approaches – even in large classrooms!

Each chapter’s key features help the text come alive:

  • Instructional goals and key terms
  • Examples of how to use various teaching techniques
  • Learning Assessments
  • In-class exercises and simulations for both the beginner and advanced learner
  • Web links to additional resources
  • Sidebars of important teaching points and evaluation methods

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Features & Benefits

  • nurse educator competencies,
  • adult learning principles and theory,
  • teaching critical thinking skills,
  • information on Bloom’s taxonomy,
  • detailed instructions for using peer learning and group work in the classroom,
  • how to identify phases of learning,
  • evaluation of learning—creating tests, assuring validity, etc.
  • and presents theories of how to be a “humanistic” nurse educator and designing “humanistic” learning methods.  

Applicable Courses

  • Perfect for courses such as:
    • Intro to Nursing Curriculum and Classroom Instruction;
    • Teaching and Learning in Nursing
    • Nursing Education Roles and Models
    • Evidence-based Teaching
    • Educational Strategies and Evaluation
    • Teaching and Learning in Advanced Nursing Practice;
    • Teaching Strategies;
    • Principles of Teaching in Nursing, and MSN courses




Part 1 - Theory and Concepts

Chapter 1: Educator Concerns, Learning, and Philosophies of Education

Chapter 2: Effective and Evidence-Based Learning Systems

Part 2 - Specific Classroom Skills

Chapter 3: Role Playing, Simulations, and Simulation Gaming

Chapter 4: Learning, Group Methods, and Working with Large Classes

Chapter 5: Valuable Clarifacation, Perception Exercises, Journal Writing, and Poetry

Chapter 6: Individualized Learning, Self-Instruction, Distance and Web-Based Learningand Media Use

Carolyn Chambers Clark-ARNP, EdD, FAAN, AHN-BC

Carolyn Chambers Clark, EdD, ARNP has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing since 1980. Her dissertation dealt with the use of simulation gaming as a teaching and leadership tool. She Founded and Served as Director of The Wellness Institute from 1980 to 1995 and Editor of The Wellness Newsletter, which is still available as a monthly ezine. She was founding editor of a health care journal and editor-in-chief of an
encyclopedia of health practice. She is author of 23 nursing and or health-related books and hundreds of articles. She has taught nursing leadership at four universities and been a consultant and conducted
workshops for thousands of nursing educators and leaders.

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