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An Introduction to American Policing

Author(s): Dennis J. Stevens, PhD, Managing Director, Justice Writers of America, Retired, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • ISBN-13: 9780763748937
  • ISBN-10:0763748935
  • Paperback    610 pages      © 2009
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An Introduction to American Policing demonstrates the quest to maintain both public safety and freedom by providing a balanced yet critical investigation of police history and theory. It connects criminal justice, criminology, and law enforcement knowledge to the progress of the police community. Case studies, narratives from violators, and current research coverage help students recognize the central theories and practical (documented) realities of American law enforcement. Students are encouraged to consider the way some believe policing "should be" while examining evidence about the "way it is." This text will also provide a current description of local and state police organization partnerships with federal organizations and of the efforts accomplished by federal law enforcement agencies including the Department of Homeland Securities (DHS). An Introduction to American Policing helps students learn good judgment and combines scholarly theory with practical police experience to equip your students with the information they need to become successful police officers.

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Features & Benefits

  • Combines theory and practical experiences from workers on the job
  • Discusses how officers balance policing in today’s complex world and with their lives at home with loved ones
  • Each chapter includes learning objectives, key terms, introductions and summaries, discussion questions, and case studies about real-life application by college students adapted from actual events
  • Tons of photos and illustrations
  • “You are the Police Officer” case studies provide real-life application
  • Promotes “evidence policing” concepts (scientific methods of discovery) linked to policing policy


Applicable Courses

This text is ideal for Introduction to Policing and Introduction to Law Enforcement courses.

Part  1  Fundamentals of Policing
Chapter  1  Police: The Essentials
Chapter  2  Historical Accounts of American Police
Chapter  3  Broken Windows, Fear, and Community Policing
Chapter  4  Modern Policing, Quality of Life Initiatives, and Privatization
Chapter  5  Local Police and Federal Enforcement Agencies
Part  2  Police Organizations, Management, and Police Officers
Chapter  6  Police Organizations
Chapter  7  Police Management and Leadership
Chapter  8  Hiring and Training of Police Officers
Part  3  Police Work
Chapter  9  Patrol: On the Job
Chapter  10  The Role of Police Officers
Chapter  11  Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)
Chapter  12  Proactive Strategies: Undercover, STING, Gangs, and Drugs
Part  4  Third Millennium Challenges
Chapter  13  Police Subculture, Discretion, and Wrongful Acts
Chapter  14  Police Accountability and Civil Liabilities
Chapter  15  Police Officer Stress

Dennis J. Stevens, PhD-Managing Director, Justice Writers of America, Retired, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Dennis J. Stevens, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of Justice Writers of America (JWA), an organization guiding justice personnel (by invitation only) to articulate their experiences in a confidential setting. Fore more information, see Stevens has taught criminal psychology in major universities and counseled high-risk prisoners at Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, and New Orleans. He has led crisis intervention sessions among Boston and New York City officers after 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, New Orleans and Houston officers after Hurricane Katrina, and Chicago and Dallas officers after the execution-style murders of their own. 

Additional Titles by this Author
  • "Policing in America has changed significantly since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and Dennis J. Stevens' new book, An Introduction to American Policing, brings a fresh and much needed perspective to the study of the police in the United States. Everything that's important for beginning students of law enforcement to know is here -- along with so much more. I'm sure this book will find a loyal following among both students and instructors of criminal justice."
    ~Frank Schmalleger, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina

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