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Health Psychology: Biological, Psychological, and Sociocultural Perspectives

Author(s): Dr. Margaret K. Snooks, PhD, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas
  • ISBN-13: 9780763743826
  • ISBN-10:0763743828
  • Hardcover    397 pages      © 2009
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This new and engaging text provides students with the latest research, theories, and skills to examine their health-related behaviors and attitudes. Emphasizing the biopsychosocial model, Health Psychology examines how biological, psychological, and social-cultural perspectives influence an individual’s overall health, and guides students through common health psychology topics, such as the rehabilitation of the sick and injured, how emotions cause change in the body’s biological system, the effects of stress on health, and much more. With its accessible writing style and numerous real-world examples, the text motivates students to make positive changes that are based on current health research.

Features & Benefits

Greater emphasis on the social and cultural aspects of health

A focus on systems theory, a major perspective within health psychology

Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter to prepare students for what the chapter will discuss

Review Questions at the end of each chapter to encourage critical thinking and reflection on the chapter topics

Student Activities at the end of each chapter to help students to apply what was discussed in the chapter

Opportunities for self-reflection and critical thinking throughout the chapter discussion

Applicable Courses

  • Health Psychology
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Risk Reduction
Chapter  Preface  
Chapter  Dedication  
Chapter  1  Introduction to Health Psychology
Chapter  2  Conducting and Evaluating Research in Health Psychology
Chapter  3  Changing Behavior to Improve Health
Chapter  4  Applications of Health Psychology to Exercise Behavior: Improving
Chapter  5  Applications of Health Psychology to Eating Behaviors: Improving
Chapter  6  Applications of Health Psychology To Harmful Addictive Behaviors
Chapter  7  The Concept of Stress
Chapter  8  The Reciprocal Effects of Stress on Illness and Injury
Chapter  9  Coping and Stress Management
Chapter  10  Pain: A Serious Health Problem and Source of Stress
Chapter  11  Applications of Health Psychology to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
Chapter  12  Applications of Health Psychology to Cancer
Chapter  13  Applications of Health Psychology to Chronic Illness
Chapter  14  Diversity Issues and Applications of Health Psychology to Special Populations
Chapter  Glossary  
Chapter  Index  

Dr. Margaret K. Snooks, PhD-University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas

Margaret K. Snooks, PhD, is a professor in the school of Human Sciences and Humanities at the University of Houston, Clear Lake with over 20 years teaching experience. Dr. Snooks enjoys teaching a variety of health science courses, including nutrition, exercise, weight control, health risk reduction, and women's health, and has personally taught health psychology since 1993. She has authored numerous essays on health psychology and was recently published in Choice Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. 
  • The format of this text, particularly the organization of chapter topics, strongly distinguishes this text from the current market.  I really like the focus on systems theory, which rarely gets mentioned in psychology but is clearly a major perspective within health psychology.  Overall, the author does an amazing job at touching almost all of the important concepts related to health psychology (breadth), while still giving adequate examples, definitions, and explanations (depth) so that these points are understood.

    -Justin P. Bailey, Framingham State College


    This text’s strength is in its focus on application of theory to cases. The field of Health Psychology needs texts that engage undergraduate students and show them how to use theories to benefit themselves and others.

    -Beth Krone, Rutgers University- Newark


    [This text] has excellent coverage of the major topics of interest in health psychology and to “regular” folk. Student activities are good suggestions. One thing this text does very well is to include some topics other have neglected including a historical perspective on health and “alternative” or novel approaches such as Dr. Ornish’s radical diet plan to reverse heart disease.

    -Catherine Salmon, University of Redlands


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ISBN-13: 9780763743826

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