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DNA Sequencing III: Dealing with Difficult Templates

Author(s): Jan Kieleczawa, PhD, MBA, Wyeth Research - Genomics Department
  • ISBN-13: 9780763742973
  • ISBN-10:076374297X
  • Hardcover    184 pages      © 2009
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DNA Sequencing III: Dealing with Difficult Templates is the third volume in this informative series by Jan Kieleczawa.  This volume focuses on working with the sequencing of especially difficult or problematic templates and brings together the real experiences of experts from top facilities worldwide, who offer guidance on how to optimize lab processes.

1.  Controlled Heat-Denaturation of DNA Plasmids and PCR Fragments by Jan Kieleczawa
2.  Heat Denaturation Is an Effective Step in Sequencing of Many Difficult DNA Templates by Jan Kieleczawa
3.  Solutions for Sequencing Difficult Regions by Alicia Yang
 Improving Sequence Results from Difficult Templates with Phi 29 DNA Polymerase and Nucleotide Analogs:
     The TempiPhiTM Sequence Resolver Kit
by Haiguang Xiao and Carl W. Fuller
 Sequencing Trough Various Secondary Structures: Detailed Studies of pDEST Vectors
     and Other DNA Templates with Hairpins
 by Tony Li, Mostafa Ait-Zahra, Paul Wu, and Jan Kieleczawa
6. Transcriptional Sequencing as a Tool for Reading Difficult-to-Read Templates by Masanori Suzuki
7. Bias-Free Cloning of "Unclonable" DNA for Simplified Genomic Finishing 
by Ronald Godiska, David Mead, Vinay       Dhodda,  Rebecca Hochstein, Attila Karsi, Nikolai Ravin, and Chengcang Wu
8.  Bioinformatics Tools to Aid Sequencing of Difficult Templates by Jan Kieleczawa, Bharath Lakshmanan, Donald Koffman, and Aaron Kitzmiller

Jan Kieleczawa, PhD, MBA-Wyeth Research - Genomics Department

Dr. Jan Kieleczawa earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and his M.B.A. from Oakdale College. Currently, he heads the DNA Sequencing Group at Wyeth Research in Cambridge, MA. His research interest involve developing methods of sequencing numerous types of difficult DNA templates.

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