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Computer Ethics: A Global Perspective

Author(s): Dr. Giannis Stamatellos, Doukas School, Athens
  • ISBN-13: 9780763740849
  • ISBN-10:0763740845
  • Paperback    141 pages      © 2007
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The rapid advancement of information technology in modern societies affects the way we live, communicate, work, and entertain. Computers and computer networks formulate an information age in which traditional ethical questions are reexamined and new questions arise concerning moral standards for human behavior.  Computer Ethics: A Global Perspective presents a clear and concise introduction to the ethical and social issues sparked by our ever-growing information society at the local and global level. Designed for use as a main text in undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on computer, business, and applied ethics, the text is also ideal for the Information Technology in a Global Society course for the International Baccalaureate diploma. The text considers the impact of digitized information on individuals and societies and includes discussions on privacy, reliability, security, intellectual property, control, equality of access, and authenticity, with insights from the scientists and philosophers who have attempted to evaluate, explain, and resolve these issues. The text also discusses the social impact of information technology in different areas of human life such as business, health, education, entertainment and politics.


Features & Benefits

  • Provides a compact and comprehensive introduction to computer ethics, covering all the necessary topics for undergraduate study.
  • Engages students and non-experts in a philosophical exploration of the social impact of computers in the information society
  • Discusses the ethical issues that emerge from the widespread use of information technology at the local and global level.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for the Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma as well as undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on global ethics, applied ethics and business ethics.

1.   What is Computer Ethics?

Part A: Ethical Issues

2.   Computer Crime and Security
3.   Privacy and Anonymity
4.   Intellectual Property
5.   Computer Reliability

Part B:  Social Impact

6.   Intelligent Machines
7.   Computers in Business
8.   Computers in Health
9.   Computers in Education
10. Computers in Entertainment
11. Computers in Politics

Appendix A:  ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Content
Appendix B:  IEEE Code of Ethics
Appendix C:  DPMA Code of Ethics
Appendix D:  ICCP Code of Ethics

Dr. Giannis Stamatellos-Doukas School, Athens

Giannis Stamatellos studied Computer Science and Analysis in Athens, Greece. He then turned to Philosophy and Classics where he gained a Master of Arts and a PhD at the University of Wales, Lampeter. Currently, he is progessor of philosophy at the New York College in Greece and an IB teacher at Doukas School specialized in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Epistemology and Ethics. He is also the author of the book Plotinus and the Presocratics (SUNY, 2007) as well as of various articles and translations on philosophy published in Engligh and Greek.

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