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Managing the Respiratory Care Department

Author(s): John W. Salyer, RRT, MBA, FAARC, Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center
  • ISBN-13: 9780763740443
  • ISBN-10:0763740446
  • Paperback    486 pages      © 2008
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From a review in AARC's RESPIRATORY CARE:

"The book is well-organized, reads quickly, and flows smoothly...Both fact and opinions are clear and allow the reader to draw his or her own conclusions. The book is light-hearted and not typical of a management book. I often found myself smiling as I read, relating the descriptions of activities to my own experiences. The comprehensive index makes this a quick and usable reference for any manager's office."
                                                 ~ Karen J. Stewart, MSc, RRT, FAARC
                                                   Neurological Emergency and Trauma Services, Charleston Area Medical Center

Industry expert John Salyer lends 30 years of clinical and management experience to bring you a comprehensive handbook for respiratory care department managers. Not just another dry management book, this text is filled with useful case studies, practical examples, documents, references, and footnotes, as well as Salyer's own Immutable Truths, such as “management and leadership are not the same thing,” and “directors/managers are often the last to know what’s going on in their departments”.  This guide is focused on measurement theory and offers practical, real life examples of how to measure the performance of a respiratory care department. Features include valuable tables and figures, practical appendices, basic forms all respiratory care managers need, an extensive list of resources and weblinks, a list of common mistakes made by managers, and more. This is an ideal resource for all respiratory care department managers and all those interested in becoming one!

Includes important information on:

  • How hospitals work
  • Structuring a department
  • Measuring a department
  • Staffing and scheduling systems
  • Billing systems
  • Budgeting
  • Evaluating new technology
  • Staff development
  • Developing a culture of accountability
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Also includes a CD-ROM with appendices, tables, and figures!

Frontmatter and Chapter One available under Additional Resources

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Features & Benefits

CD-ROM with appendices, tables, and figures

Practical examples

Filled with actual documents used in department management

Focuses on measurement theory

Incorporates humor for enjoyable reading





Chapter 1: Preparations for Becoming an RT Manager


Chapter 2: How Hospitals are Organized


Chapter 3: Structuring a Department


Chapter 4: Measuring Department Performance


Chapter 5: Staffing Systems


Chapter 6: Billing Systems


Chapter 7: Budgeting


Chapter 8: Evaluating Technology


Chapter 9: Staff Development


Appendix A: Colleges and Universities Offering a Bachelors Degree in Respiratory



Appendix B: Job Descriptions: Respiratory Therapist-I


Appendix C: Job Descriptions: Respiratory Therapist-II


Appendix D: Samples of Capital Budgeting Forms


Appendix E: Common Mistakes Made by Director/Managers


Appendix F: Documents Used in an Evaluation and Selection of Mechanical Ventilators


Appendix G: Orientation and Training Documents

John W. Salyer, RRT, MBA, FAARC-Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

John Salyer is the Director of Respiratory Therapy at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center Seattle. He has previously held positions in respiratory therapy management at Primary Children’s Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, and Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana California.  He also held a faculty appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine at the University of Utah. He has a background in health services research having formerly been the Director of Outcomes Research at the Primary Children’s Medical Center. He has B.S. degree in health care management and an MBA, and is a fellow in the American Association for Respiratory Care. He has had over 60 research publications and is an editorial board member for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

  • From FOCUS Journal:

    "John lets it all hang out in one of the most honest and selfdeprecating management books I have ever had the pleasure to read ... This book is both fun and informative at the same time owing, in great part, to the author’s honesty and incisive analysis of all that goes on around him plus his recognition of the lessons imparted not only by his many successes, but also by his few failures. Again, I recommend it highly to managers and staff alike."
                                                                                                           ~ Michael McPeck, RRT, FAARC




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ISBN-13: 9780763740443

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