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Medical Informatics 20/20: Quality and Electronic Health Records through Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation

Author(s): Douglas Goldstein
Peter J. Groen, MPA
Suniti Ponkshe
Marc Wine, MHA
  • ISBN-13: 9780763739256
  • ISBN-10:0763739251
  • Paperback    589 pages      © 2007
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“Health care is at a crossroads. Medical Informatics 20/20 identifies both the problems faced in realizing healthcare transformation and, prescribes vital solutions that can guide us in creating better systems to save lives, improve quality and reduce costs. The three strategies profiled in the book—Collaboration, Open Solutions and Innovation—are prescriptions for correcting what ails medical care.”

—Kevin Fickenscher, MD, Executive Vice President,
Healthcare Transformation, Perot Systems


  • Delivers vital insight and case studies on Collaboration, Open Solutions and Innovation and how they are being used today by leading private sector organizations, governments and health care leaders throughout the world to improve quality and performance.
  • Describes how world’s highest quality and most widely used health information technology system (available without license fees through the Freedom of Information Act) is effectively supporting health systems from Midland Texas and American Samoa to Mexico, Egypt and Finland.
  • Illustrates how public and private sector leaders and corporations such as HP, IBM and Perot Systems are using open technology solutions to address challenges of patient safety, public health and health care quality.
  • Details a roadmap for improving quality of care through Electronic Health Records, CPOE, RHIOs enabled by open interoperable technology solutions implemented by empowered people using the latest collaboration tactics to improve inefficient business and clinical processes.
  • Presents a compelling vision of a consumer-centric health care today and tomorrow, while detailing strategies and tactics that deliver a relationship advantage with customers through a next generation Health@Everywhere approach.


Section 1 - Medical Informatics with 20/20 Vision

Chapter 1: Medical Informatics - 20/20 Vision and Strategies

Chapter 2:  Open Solutions in Business – Definitions and Market Expansion

Chapter 3:  Growth of Open Solutions in Healthcare


Section 2 - Collaborating for Quality with Open Solutions

Chapter 4:  Establishing a Health Information Technology Sharing Program

Chapter 5:  Profiles of Collaboration Projects in EHRs, Standards and Health Information Exchanges

Chapter 6:  The VistA Market -  Today and Tomorrow

Chapter 7:  National Health Information Network (NHIN), Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO), and the Federal Health Information Exchange (FHIE),


Section 3 - Deploying Medical Informatics 20/20 Open Solutions

Chapter 8:  Acquiring & Implementing EHR Systems

Chapter 9:  Case Studies of VistA Implementation – United States and International

Chapter 10:  Profiles of Leading Open Solutions EHRs


Section 4 - Tool Kit for Medical Informatics Excellence & Quality Improvement

Chapter 11:  Universal Strategies & Tactics for Quality and Performance

Chapter 12: Case Studies in Collaboration and Innovation for Quality

Chapter 13:  Value Measurement and Return on Investment


Section 5 - Medical Informatics 2020 – Inventing the Future

Chapter 14:  Healthcare 2020 

Chapter 15:  eHealth – Emerging and Electronic Innovative Solutions

Chapter 16:  Healthcare@Everywhere – From Inpatient and Outpatient to Everywhere


Conclusion - Fast Forward >> Smarter…Wiser…Better


Douglas Goldstein

Douglas Goldstein is an "eFuturist," Author and President of Medical Alliances, Inc. He guides leading health care organizations in clinical and business performance improvement through intelligent use of technology, knowledge management and 'Distinctive Innovation.' He can be reached at

Peter J. Groen, MPA

Peter Groen is the former Director of the Health IT Sharing (HITS) program within the Veterans Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He recently retired and is now on the faculty of the Computer & Information Sciences Department at Shepherd University in West Virginia. He can be reached at

Suniti Ponkshe

Suniti Ponkshe works as a leader of advisory services for IBM Healthlink Solution. Her career has included leadership for information technology inside as well as outside the organization. She is the former CIO of large healthcare systems such as Georgetown University Medical Center. Suniti owned and operated her consulting business prior to joining IBM. Her focus is leveraging technology to improve operational performance in healthcare. She can be reached at

Marc Wine, MHA

Marc Wine serves as a Program Analyst with the GSA Headquarters Intergovernmental Solutions Division. He is the former program manager for the VHA Health IT Sharing (HITS) Program and also served as a Health Policy Analyst with the Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Health Planning in the Division of Regulatory Activities, where he was responsible for helping to develop and manage the regulations of the National Health Planning Program. Mr. Wine is on the faculty of the Health Services Management and Leadership program at George Washington University. He can be reached at

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