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222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practices

Author(s): Bob Levoy
  • ISBN-13: 9780763738686
  • ISBN-10:0763738689
  • Hardcover    322 pages      © 2007
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This highly-practical book by well-known seminar speaker and author Bob Levoy is based on research findings from a wide variety of healthcare providers, clinic administrators, and practice managers throughout the country. 222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practice is a one-of-a-kind reference with tested tips and hard learned lessons for successfully recruiting, interviewing, compensating, managing, motivating, training, evaluating, and retaining great employees in the clinical practice setting. This unique book teaches you how to avoid the costly problems of low morale and employee turnover, and provides action steps to ignite employee motivation and practice growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 222  easy-to-read, ready-to-use strategies to dramatically improve the hiring, management and retention of outstanding employees – specifically geared to the unique needs of the healthcare professions.   
  • Explains "discretionary effort" (the difference between what employees choose to do as opposed to what their job descriptions obligate them to do) and why it flourishes in some healthcare organizations and not in others.   
  • Discusses real life cases of practices, hospitals, multi-specialty groups, HMOs and other healthcare organizations – and the proven strategies they have used to achieve high levels of employee productivity and  loyalty.   
  • Contains lessons about countless human resource management issues acquired from healthcare providers,  administrators and managers at all levels.
  • Provides action-steps that pin-point how to implement the strategies discussed to achieve success.

Section 1: Hiring
Chapter 1: Getting the Right People on Board
Chapter 2: Creative Recruitment Strategies
Chapter 3: Become an Employer of Choice
Chapter 4: Secrets of Savvy Interviewing
Chapter 5: Hire People Who Fit Your Practice Culture
Chapter 6: Hiring Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 7: The New World of Work

Section 2: Managing
Chapter 8: Hard Learned Lessons About Motivation
Chapter 9: The Power of Positive Reinforcement
Chapter 10: From "Satisfied" to "Engaged"
Chapter 11: Team Meetings: A Catalyst for Practice Improvement
Chapter 12: Performance Management
Chapter 13: Management's Most Unpleasant Task

Section 3: Retaining
Chapter 14: Secrets of Staff Retention
Chapter 15: Retention-Friendly Compensation Strategies
Chapter 16: Training and Skills Development
Chapter 17: Upward Communication

Bob Levoy

Bob Levoy, a former corporate executive, is an internationally acclaimed seminar speaker on human resource and management issues. In the course of his career, he has conducted over 3.000 management seminars for   business and professional groups, Fortune 500 companies and leading colleges and universities throughout North America and overseas. Among them have been hundreds of healthcare associations in a wide range of disciplines and specialties,


He holds three degrees from the University of Connecticut and Columbia University; has written 6 best-selling books, hundreds of articles on management topics for business and professional journals, and recorded numerous audio programs. Currently, he is a monthly columnist and Editorial Board member for various publications in the healthcare professions.


  • “I find 222 Secrets to be a valuable book for the notive supervisor and also a worthwhile ready for the more experienced manager. This is one of the more practical books I have ready on how to run a healthcare practice or any other business. A manager or front-line supervisor will likely find it useful to keep this book handy as a frequent reference."

    ~ Anthony J. Silvagni, DO, PharmD, MSc, Dean, Nova Southwestern University College of Osteopathic Medicine (from the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, February 2009)

  • “[This book] not only supplies important data and success stories, but each suggestion is followed by an action plan for the reader to take to implement the suggestion. Without those action plans this important book might be just another theoretical text. The author delivers on everything he promised in his introduction … This book should not be stored on your library shelf. It should remain on your desk to be read daily. A second copy should be given to your office manager with a promise that the valuable material will not only be discussed, but the action plans suggested implemented.”

     - Paul Farkas, M.S., O.D., F.A.A.O.

  • "Levoy’s strength is in condensing his many years of experience of working with healthcare practitioners into easily understood and practical strategies for dealing with the complexities of ”hiring, managing and retaining great employees”. I found the book to be an excellent review and map for the challenging process of hiring and keeping high quality team members. I recommend it."

    ~ Lynn D Carlisle, DDS (In A Spirit of Caring newsletter, 2-7-2007)

  • "...relevant for anyone who manages the work of others in health care. ...The majority of the 'secrets' include not only advice but also suggested action steps to follow in implementing the ideas presented. There are also brief success stories presented to illustrate the value of much of the book's advice. And quite valuable to many newer managers are the 'Hard Learned Lessons' appearing throughout the book."

    ~ The Health Care Manager (October/December, 2007)

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