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Network Cabling Illuminated

Author(s): Robert Shimonski
Richard Steiner
Sean Sheedy
  • ISBN-13: 9780763733933
  • ISBN-10:0763733938
  • Paperback    510 pages      © 2006
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The concepts of electricity, waves, and signaling, in addition to standards and codes, are essential to understanding and working safely with data cabling. This text covers theory and foundational material related to cabling in addition to practical, hands-on procedures, and coverage of standards and safety practices. The authors have written from their extensive experience to present cabling topics using a no-nonsense approach. This text uses an easy-to-understand, practical format, making it not only more interesting to the student but easier for the instructor to explain and hold the attention of the students. With pertinent lab exercises, strong real-world scenarios, and instruction on the use of common, popular tools and practices, and recommended strategies and implementations, this book provides coverage of all necessary topics for individuals interested in learning basic cabling concepts and procedures.

Features & Benefits

Each chapter begins with a statement of learning objectives.
Step-by-step examples of cabling-related concepts and procedures are presented throughout the text. 
Illustrations are used both to clarify the material and to vary the presentation. 
Notes, Tips, and Warnings are included to alert the reader to additional and helpful information related to the subject being discussed. 
A Chapter Summary, Key Terms, Challenge Exercises, and Challenge Scenarios are provided at the end of each chapter. 
Table of Contents:
  1. Voice and Data Cabling Basics
  2. Cabling Standards and Specifications
  3. Understanding Signals
  4. Data Network Signals
  5. Copper Media: Twisted-Pair Cabling
  6. Copper Media: Coaxial Cabling
  7. Fiber-Optic Media
  8. Cabling System Connections and Termination
  9. Safety Codes and Standards
  10. Electrical Protection Systems
  11. SOHO and Residential Infrastructure Technology
  12. Structured Cabling
  13. Building Your Cabling Toolkit
  14. Planning and Implementation of Premise Wiring Installations
  15. Cabling Installation and Testing
Appendix A Obtaining and Keeping Employment
Appendix B The Future of Cabling
Appendix C Cabling Resources and Information
Appendix D Glossary

Robert Shimonski

Robert Shimonski is a lead network and security engineer for a prominent manufacturing company as well as a part-time instructor and trainer. He has authored and edited numerous published books and thousand of articles and study guides. Robert is a SUNY graduate who continues his education in the latest telecommunication technology. His professional interests include network infrastructure design, network security design and management, and network management and troubleshooting.

Richard Steiner

•Richard Steiner has over 13 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His experience includes installing and troubleshooting, estimating, designing, and project management of telecommunication cabling networks. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology as well as numerous industry certifications. He is currently an applications engineer for a major telecommunications manufacturing company.

Sean Sheedy

Sean Sheedy has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, specializing in fiber optics. During his years in the field, he has worked as a technician/installer, troubleshooter, lead tech, project manager, emergency restoration technician, and independent consultant. He holds over 30 industry certifications. In addition, he serves as an industry instructor and trainer.
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Answer Key

Answers to end of chapter questions, exercises and scenarios

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ISBN-13: 9780763733933

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