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Contemporary Issues in Women's Cancers

Author(s): Suzanne Lockwood
  • ISBN-13: 9780763726027
  • ISBN-10:0763726028
  • Hardcover    349 pages      © 2009
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Contemporary Issues in Women's Cancers addresses the incidence, prevalence, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of cancers specific to women—in particular, gynecological cancers. This new resource provides nurses with a comprehensive, up to date, ready reference that will enhance their clinical practice, and help them treat their patients amidst  not only the changing healthcare system in US, but also the changing ways in which cancer is diagnosed and treated. Expert authors, all member of the SGNO, offer their expertise in exploring the psychological issues associated with having cancer, and offer insight on providing assistance and resources to the individuals and families facing this disease. Every health care provider who uses this text will grow and expand their knowledge, their care and their service to their patients.


Chapter 1  Overview and Epidemiology
Chapter 2  Breast Cancer
Chapter 3  Endometrial Cancer
Chapter 4  Epithelial Ovarian Cancer The Disease and Survivorship
Chapter 5  Non Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Chapter 6  Preinvasive Cerival Cancer
Chapter 7  Invasive Cervical Cancer
Chapter 8  Vulvar and Vaginal Cancers
Chapter 9  Gynecologic Sarcomas
Chapter 10  Cancer Genetics
Chapter 11  Sexuality Issues
Chapter 12  Infertility Issues
Chapter 13  Menopausal Issues
Chapter 14  Dealing with the Sequella of Treatment
Chapter 15  Impact of Gynecologoc Cancer on the Family
Chapter 16  Living with Recurrence Cancer
Chapter 17  Cultural Aspects in Women's Cancers

Suzanne Lockwood

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