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Special Operations Mission Planning Field Guide

Author(s): Dennis Krebs
  • ISBN-13: 9780763725471
  • ISBN-10:0763725471
  • Spiral/paperback    86 pages      © 2004
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The Special Operations Mission Planning Field Guide, a handy pocket-sized field guide, is geared toward SWAT teams and other law enforcement personnel conducting high-risk warrant service. This great resource will allow officers to plan for a variety of missions, as well as serving as a fast point of reference to guide them while out in the field.

The first part of the guide focuses on the operational data necessary for a successful mission, including a team roster, descriptive information for suspects and hostages, target information, site map, equipment, hazards, and more. 

The second part of the guide provides tactical emergency medical support to assist a wide array of officers’ medical needs during a mission, such as threat assessment, team member medical data, patient log, clandestine lab support, nerve agent information, blood agent information, and much more!

Features & Benefits

Pocket sized, spiral bound, and water resistant.
Allows the placement of photos for suspects and hostages.
Provides a section to plan for extended operations.
Provides information on Executive Protection.
Includes Nerve and Blood agent information.
Contains a section on Explosive Ordinance Disposal Support.

Law Enforcement

Operational Data
Target Information
Site Map
Team Roster
Descriptive Information (UC)
Descriptive Information (CI)
Descriptive Information (Suspect)
Descriptive Information (Hostages)
Assisting Agencies
Radio Frequencies/Channels
Extended Operations
Event Log
CS/CN Concentration Calc.
Counter-Sniper Information

Tactical Emergency

Medical Support Medical Threat Assessment
Team Member Medical Data
Hostage Medical Data
Patient Log
Briefing Template For EMS
Extended Operations
Executive Protection
Explosive Ordinance Disposal Support
Dive/Underwater Recovery Support
Clandestine Lab Support
Screening For Incarceration
Wind Chill Chart
Heat Index Chart
Glasgow Coma Scale
Medicine Across The Barricade
Venomous Arthropods
Poisonous Snakebite Treatment
Nerve Agent Information
Blister Agent Information
Blood Agent Information
Choking Agent Information

Dennis Krebs

Dennis R. Krebs is a Captain with the Baltimore County Fire Department and a nationally registered EMT-P. Dennis is also a faculty member of the Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support (CONTOMS) program. Nearly being shot in the face in 1982, he developed the nation's first survival skills training seminar. After twenty years, the need for such a program has not faltered.

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  • "I received the copy of the Special Operations Mission Planning Field Guide.  This will be a useful pocket guide for a lot of SWAT teams.  This is a high quality product...I wish I had had this when I had my team!"

    George T. Williams, Director of Training
    Cutting Edge Training, L.L.C.
    Bellingham, WA