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Implementing Outcome-Based Home Care: A Workbook of OBQI, Care Pathways and Disease Management

Author(s): Melinda Huffman, RN, MSN, CCNS
  • ISBN-13: 9780763715984
  • ISBN-10:0763715980
  • Paperback    236 pages      © 2005
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Includes a FREE CD-ROM of customizable forms
for personalized, individual use by home health agencies!

This unique workbook provides homecare managers, leadership staff, senior clinicians and administrators with the tools necessary to implement outcome-based patient care using OASIS outcomes, OBQI, care pathways, and disease management.  Readers will be able to easily integrate outcomes into the organization's marketing initiatives, financial-based decisions, and staff competency assessment and performance appraisals. 

The text helps providers to simplify and manage their total OBQI program and other outcome initiatives and is the first and only resource to present the subject matter of OBQI , care pathways and disease management in a single, active, adult learning format.  This is also the only resource that guides the integration of OASIS outcomes into these two methods of outcome-based patient care.

A fantastic resource for determining home health outcomes!


Features & Benefits

Contains a thorough, quick reference for OBQI/OBQM

Guides the user through the development of best practice care pathways for use in OBQI

Provides the foundation for implementation of home care disease management

Covers foundational patient outcomes information that is not covered by Medicare’s OBQI.

Helps agencies establish their focus for outcome-based patient care by guiding the user through applications that identify the agency’s primary patient population(s) and that ascertain staff competency and expertise relative to these patient groups.

Explains how to use agency-desired outcomes to formulate the staff competency assessment and performance appraisal for the purpose of enhancing accountability with implementation of agency standards of care and accurate measurement of outcomes.

Discusses how interventions selected to achieve specific outcomes warrant a financial analysis of the cost versus benefit to patients and the agency. This chapter provides a framework and rationale for the use and application of financial outcomes data. 

Demonstrates how to analyze outcomes from a marketing perspective, how to base marketing strategies on outcomes achieved, how to affect physician practice patterns, and how to prepare outcome presentations for customers.

CD-ROM with outcomes forms that can be easily customized for use by your agency.

Perforated, three-hole punched pages for easy access and portability.

Applicable Courses

Community Health nursing programs at the graduate level

Chapter 1: The Foundation of Outcome-Based Homecare: Outcomes Measurement and Standards of Care

     Section A. Outcomes and Outcome Measurement
     Section B. Variance & Variance management 
     Section C. Patient Compliance: A Critical Role in Outcomes Management
     Section D. Standards of Care/Best Practices
     Section E. Critical Link between Outcomes
Achieved and Implementation of Standards of Care

Chapter 2: Building an Outcome-Based Approach to Homecare

     Section A. Getting Started
     Section B. OBQI/OBQM
     Section C. Developing Effective, Best Practice Care Pathways
     Section D. Disease Management (DM) and Outcome-Based Practice in Homecare

Chapter 3: Integrating Standards of Care and Outcomes into Staff Competency & Performance

     Section A. Staff Competency: A Link to Outcomes Achieved
     Section B. Performance Appraisal: Accountability for Implementing Outcome-Based Care

Chapter 4: Financial Outcomes Data: Use and Application

Chapter 5: Using Healthcare Outcomes to Enhance Marketing and Business Development

Appendix A: Internet Resource Listing: Best Practices

Appendix B: Action Plan: Performance Improvement for OBQI/OBQM

Appendix C: Action Plan: Development & Implementation of Care Pathways

Appendix D: Action Plan: Homecare Disease Management Implementation

Appendix E: Forms

Melinda Huffman, RN, MSN, CCNS

Melinda Huffman is an author, writer, consultant, and presenter with over fifteen years of experience in healthcare outcomes management.  Her expertise includes clinical outcome systems development, variance, aggregation, trending and analysis, as well as designing outcomes systems for software application and point of care documentation, homecare administration, quality management and performance improvement, employee orientation and staff development, continuing education, designing outcome-based hospital/homecare strategic alliances, integrating outcomes into PI initiatives, marketing and business development, analyzing physician practice patterns relative to outcomes management, correlating financial and clinical patient outcomes, designing outcomes into software applications, and developing best practice care pathways.