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Principles of Modern Microbiology

Author(s): Mark Wheelis, University of California, Davis
  • ISBN-13: 9780763710750
  • ISBN-10:076371075X
  • Hardcover    528 pages      © 2008
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Principles of Modern Microbiology balances brevity and clarity in this condensed introduction to microbiology for majors. Written specifically for the one-semester course, this text provides a manageable amount of detail - thereby avoiding the distractions that come from too much information - and maintains the degree of intellectual rigor appropriate for students at this level. To further help the student focus on principles, each chapter is divided into many sections, each section head summarizes the concept of the section, and each section has a single major point to it to help students grasp the difficult concepts.

A dynamic art program presents accurate molecular and cellular images in an innovative style. Microtopics boxes throughout the text describe real-world experiments and allow students to gain a clear sense of the experimental process as it applies to microbiology. Complete with a wealth of student and instructor resources, Principles of Modern Microbiology is sure to engage and inspire majors who are looking to expand their knowledge of the microbial world. 

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Features & Benefits

The text is concise enough to move through in a single semester yet maintains a level of intellectual rigor suitable for majors.  This is achieved by omitting material that is routinely covered in prerequisite general chemistry and introductory biology courses, as well as by selecting only clearly relevant material and examples.

Quantitative end-of-chapter questions allow students to test their understanding of key material presented throughout the text.

Captivating art program presents molecular and cellular images that are clear, innovative and accurate.

Applicable Courses

Principles of Modern Microbiology is appropriate for a single-term introductory major's microbiology course.

  Chapter  1  Introduction to Microbiology
  Chapter  2  History of Microbiology
  Chapter  3  Methods of Microbiology
  Chapter  4  Procaryotic Cell Structure and Function
  Chapter  5  Cell Structure and Function in Protists
  Chapter  6  Viruses and Other Acellular Entities
  Chapter  7  Microbial Metabolism: Fermentation and Respiration
  Chapter  8  Microbial Metabolism: Photosynthesis, Autotrophic Growth, and Nitrogen Fixation
  Chapter  9  Microbial Growth
  Chapter  10  Procaryotic Genome Organization and Regulation
  Chapter  11  Microbial Behavior and Development
  Chapter  12  Microbial Genetics
  Chapter  13  Microbial Systematics
  Chapter  14  Procaryotic Microbes
  Chapter  15  Eucaryotic Microbes
  Chapter  16  Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology
  Chapter  17  Symbiosis
  Chapter  18  Host Defenses against Microbial Infection
  Chapter  19  Microbial Pathogenesis
  Chapter  20  Epidemiology and Human Disease
  Chapter  21  Human Exploitation of Microbes

Mark Wheelis-University of California, Davis


Instructor's TookKit to Accompany Principles of Modern Microbiology

ISBN-13: 9780763756642

Instructor's ToolKit includes:

- Answers to Study Questions
- PowerPoint Image Bank
- TestBank
- PowerPoint Lecture Outline Slides



The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763710750

Answers to In-Text Questions
Image Bank
Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

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